Westside German Shepherd Rescue of Los Angeles is a non profit 501(c)3, no kill rescue committed to saving
all types of German Shepherd Dogs from high kill shelters and adopting them to loving, qualified homes.

Ava von Ansbach

Ava von Ansbach is a gorgeous 2 year old German Shepherd and a dog for all seasons:  she loves people of all ages as well as dogs of all sizes (especially males). Plus she GOT ALONG WITH CATS in her foster home.  When walking on leash, she is very well-behaved and listens to corrections. She aims to please, sits on command and delights in getting a treat when she is an especially good girl. Ava responds well to positive reinforcement but, due to her past as a homeless street survivor, requires a soft approach to discipline. She enjoys car rides and wading in the shallow end of the pool but, when it comes to new situations, she likes to do things at her own speed. If you let her be and give her time to adjust, she will respond in a positive manner. Though she is affectionate and enjoys the company of humans, her independent nature resists kissy/huggy and/or clingy types. Like many dogs, Ava benefits from having a routine and will thrive in a home that follows a typical daily schedule or regimen. She is housebroken most of the time; however, when she gets anxious (due to too much change or stimulation), she has been known to have an accident. In a home offering love, calmness, care and stability, however, we are confident our girl will blossom into perfection.  Might that home be yours?


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