Pluto von Lawall

Pluto von Lawall is a gorgeous, well behaved 4 year old German Shepherd.  This tall, dark and handsome hundred pound boy is looking to share his life with that special person or family.   Pluto is housebroken, crate trained, and knows many commands.  Although he’s not a needless barker, he is protective and his deep voiced bark when a stranger approaches can be intimidating.  He is a strong dog, both in size and personality, and definitely needs an experienced owner to keep his ego in the right place.
Pluto is an active dog and he can entertain himself during the day by hunting the numerous small critters that dare to enter his domain.  He’s definitely not a fan of cats (and they certainly should not be anywhere near him),  and even though he’s been living with 3 other dogs, his ideal home would be one where he is the only canine inhabitant.  He doesn’t mind sharing his yard with a few horses though, probably because they’ve never asked to share the food in his bowl.
In addition to loving car rides, Pluto is ready and willing to go with you anywhere, whether it’s a short walk, a long hike, or even running alongside when you ride your bicycle.  He loves to play ball and he’ll bring it back if you ask him to do so.  He’s so affectionate and he’ll do anything to hog all your attention for himself.


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