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Thelma von Thrice

Hi, my name is Thelma.  This week a letter from the AARP was delivered to my cage offering me a membership.  At first I was insulted to be classified as a senior citizen but, after sulking a while, I lowered my head between my paws to contemplate my plight.  It's true -- when I look into the bottom of my shiny water bowl, the face that looks back is a bit older than I think of myself, I am around 8 years old now. .  When I go on walks, my joints hurt a little and I realize that I am not as spry as I used to be.  Plus I have to admit that my figure is no longer curvaceous like in the past; I fear that I have succumbed to"middle age spread."  Can any of you relate to this?  Could this be why I am here while all those pups are getting homes?   Doesn't anyone have room in their heart to adopt an older girl like me?  I am calm and sweet and housebroken, and I am independent enough that I won't bother you or get underfoot. I would love to be your only dog.  You and I could take strolls together because I am gentle on the leash and I don't get flustered by passing dogs or other distractions.  We could read or watch TV together, and we could brag together about how wise we are -- because wisdom comes with age.  I have a lot of gentle years left to share you with if you will just give me a chance.  Please visit me soon and take me out of here!


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