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DURALACTIN is an amazing new natural supplement we have been using for our dogs as an anti-inflammatory, instead of the usual medications that can have side effects. It has made a huge difference for our older, arthritic dogs, or dogs recovering from ortho surgery etc.

Many of our volunteers also use it for their dogs and are so excited about the results.

We would love to keep a good supply of Duralactin at our rescue to help our dogs out.

Click HERE to order!
(best price we found)

Ship to:

3016 S. Hill St. Los Angeles CA 90007


Our dogs always appreciate some tasty treats at the rescue - and anyone who has ever owned a German Shepherd will agree that this is one picky breed. Below we listed the types of treats they love. These are just some examples but many can be found at Costco (click HERE) There are many other places such as Chewy (click HERE). Or Amazon (click HERE) or any other places you shop for doggie goodies.

For safety reasons please:



We need food for our dogs. They go through 100 pounds of kibble (dry dog food) a day. Nature's Domain (sold exclusively at Costco) is good quality food for a great price.
(Although all the Nature's Domain formulas are good, it’s better for the dogs to keep them on the same formula.)

We are trying this new brand to eliminate grains from the dogs' food - which is better for them.
We would also love Costco Gift Card so we can pick up the food, frozen chicken (for our sick dogs) etc ourselves.
Here is a link to the nearest Costco store in your area:


Some of our dogs can be very picky eaters when they first
come to us. They're also often very underweight. We
ALWAYS need good quality canned food. Above we list a few good quality brands (Natural Balance, Blue, Innova) but we appreciate all the canned food we can get.

We're always in need of more leashes for our dogs.
PetEdge has a great deal on the type of leashes
we like. Click here to go to the 'leash page'.
We need the 6x1 leashes please.

We never seem to have enough choke chains. We need 22 & 24 inch chokes;
"Extra Heavy Weight 4mm".
Click here ...
to go to the 'choke chain' page.

(It's very important that we get the Extra Heavy Weight 4mm chains - we've had some of the thinner ones break before)

As with leashes, we can never have enough collars.
Click here to go to the 'collar page'.
Again, any color would be wonderful, and although we need mostly 18-26 inch collars, we also need some of the other sizes for our smaller shepherds or for the puppies.


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