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all types of German Shepherd Dogs from high kill shelters and adopting them to loving, qualified homes.

Morgan von Morel

Morgan von Morel is a gorgeous 2 year old long haired German Shepherd. This stunning girl with a luxurious long coat exudes enthusiasm whenever it’s time for her daily walk. Let’s dive into her charming personality: Morgan walks gracefully on leash, demonstrating excellent leash manners. Her medium energy level allows her to maintain a steady pace. You'll  find her walking comfortably in a heel position, making your walks enjoyable. Her friendly nature extends to both people and other dogs - she eagerly greets new faces and happily walks alongside six other canine companions. Her interactions are filled with tail wags and bright eyes, and her sweet disposition shines through when she nestles her head into your arms. Morgan craves affection and enjoys being close to her human friends. Whether it’s cuddle time or playtime, she’s all in! When it comes to water, Morgan morphs into a mermaid wannabe... She loves splashing around and dipping her head and paws into buckets or puddles. If there’s water nearby, count her in for some wet fun! She knows her “Sit” and takes treats gently, showing her eagerness to learn and please her humans. In playgroups, Morgan thrives: she enters comfortably, ready to engage with her fellow dogs. Her active spirit makes her a great playmate. She is the epitome of a loving and lively companion. Whether she’s exploring the outdoors, cuddling up or splashing in water, she brings joy to everyone around her. Have you submitted your application for this wonder yet?

Rescued from the Hesperia animal shelter. (with her pup Maddy)


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