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ELI is home!  He got in around 6:30 this morning. He graciously met the cats, is just beautiful and as sweet as you said.  We feel very fortunate to have him and just can’t thank you enough for everything.

Happy Holidays
now Bella!

She is now living in Illinois with her new
loving mom!


Adopted in January 2018

Now a happy dog in New Westminster, BC

From being left tied to a fence to fend for himself to being the "Czar" of his castle!

CZAR is looking pretty regal in his forever home!

The new adopters of KNIGHT yesterday wanted me to pass on how thrilled they are to have him and how well he fits in with the pack. They wanted to say thank you to everyone that helped them and share some photos of now "Blackmore the black Knight."

I thought you'd like to know how Ollie, formerly LLOYD, is doing.  I adopted him in April, 2017. He had obedience training in September, 2017.  He think his biggest job is to keep deer and coyotes away.  He loves our daily hike at the State Parks nearby.  He has matured into a very handsome and well-behaved dog.  People often pay him complement.  I am attaching photos of him.  Thank you for rescuing dogs and giving them a chance. Jill 

BENZO and DAKOTA are doing great! Just need to do some training! Benzo is getting gentler. Need him to stop jumping on the bed, counters :-)))

Hi,  I'd like you to put SHIRA on facebook on the "nite-nite" post. She is doing SO well in her new home, and has made our family complete. From, Alice and Shira von Staig

Thanks for enriching our lives this year and for all you do for SO many!!  Cali (MARINA) has been a wonderful addition to our family. We love her dearly...  She’s definitely a spoiled princess and getting the best care and loving. This is our Christmas card photo this year... Best Wishes, Don

We adopted our dog, Max (aka MAXIMUS) from Westside in June 2019 and wanted to share a few photos with you all. He is the sweetest, most loving dog and the best addition to our family we could have asked for. His favorite pastime is cuddling with mom and dad, and when a lap is unavailable, he can reliably be found curled up on the softest surface he can find. It’s been such a joy introducing him to the big wide world: he’s discovered the ocean, the mountains, and the snow, and is loving all of it. He was even a part of our wedding! Thank you for all that you do to match these wonderful dogs to loving homes. Happy holidays to you all, thank you for the work that you do. Kelsey and Daniel

At WGSR Nov 2015 I was adopted as FLORENCE Von Florsheim. My name was immediately, and appropriately changed to Lucky Lady. My friends and family just call me Lucky. All is grand. I’m out sunning while the hair is growing back from my TTA surgery. My Pop had a replacement so he knew how to take good care of me. Merry Christmas and be thankful for all we have flowing our way. Lucky

GABBY sends her love to all her friends at Westside and wanted to thank everyone for finding this amazing home for her!

There is nothing like being home for the holidays!

KATIE LUCY (adopted almost three weeks ago) wants to wish all the Westside Family a Merry Christmas! She and her human brother were blessed with lots of goodies from Santa. Most of all, our family is blessed to have Katie-Lucy. Thank you Westside, bless you all!

Thank you so much! ROMO (now Zeus) is doing great, we are all so happy with him.

Here is a small recap on “ZUMA” who is now Bacchaus.  Since we began our lives together, he has been a wonderful addition to our family.  Every day we walk, hike or explore the desert near our home.  This year he's gone on a week-long camping trip in the woods, climbed three mountains, taken countless road trips and spent Christmas in the snow. Each Saturday we go on a longer hike and follow it up with lunch at our favorite pub.  He loves hanging on the patio and getting lots attention from the staff and regular patrons.  It’s very common for me to receive comments asking if I am concerned about him being with his 12 pounds/ 7-year-old sidekick.  I use this as my bragging time since not only do I not worry about her (the sidekick) I know he won’t go far from her.  They quickly built a bond and will often be found on the same bed but always in the same room.  When they play, he becomes very gentle and slows down so not to step on her or bat her with his big paws.  2020 will be a great year for Bacchaus.  We have a week-long hiking trip to Colorado over the summer.  I also know we will keep hiking and exploring the mountains in Arizona.  Thank you for all you guys do for this wonderful breed of dog.  Bacchaus has changed the minds of many people in my life. Those who meet him quickly realize how sweet and loving he is.  When they see him with his sidekick and how extremely gentle he is.  We love everything (except the shedding) about him and can’t believe he was ever without a home.

Everyday I thank Westside for allowing me the honor of having this amazing boy in my life everyday, Aslan, formerly knows as JACKSON. He is one of the special ones that you hope will never leave you. His name Aslan gives you a glimpse into this magnificent canine. There are just no words to express my love for him. This month is his third gotcha year. I am now one of the volunteers for this amazing rescue to help others find their dream dog! Gretchen

The addition of Belle (formerly BEAR) to our life has been one of the greatest moments in our life! We drove from Wyoming to Los Angeles to adopt her and in a short time can’t imagine life without her. She has become Max’s best buddy and our baby girl. Thank you!

  We got a desperate call from the Bakersfield Shelter early in the morning. A dog they knew well and loved had been returned after being hit by a car.  Her one leg was shattered and couldn’t be saved. They didn’t want to euthanize her but had no other options, other than us. While recuperating in a foster home after major surgery, her foster mom quickly fell in love with Kammie and realized she couldn't part with her. She is now happily hanging out with her furry friends in her new FOREVER home.

How BENZ’s life has changed!  Here he is at the animal shelter on RED ALERT. They didn’t even bother to vaccinate him because he was going to be euthanized. He had deep wounds and a cracked pelvis. We could tell by the type of wounds he had that he had been dragged. His owners brought him to a kill shelter after he was injured. Now Benz is a pampered guy. Hs so handsome, he draws attention wherever he goes. He goes to the dog park daily and makes new friends all the time. He is very much loved and cherished by his new parents! Benz is grateful every day for his new life!


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