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Greetings!  Just wanted to give you a Cinder update!  She is doing very well.  We went to Monterey over the weekend and she loved riding in the car and walking on the beach.  She was eager to check out all of the other dogs (loads of dogs in Carmel), but was always very calm and never jumpy.  People from all over couldn't believe that she was a rescue dog because she is so pretty. She also has good hotel manners and the Hyatt Regency in Monterey is dog friendly.   Cinder has a new toy that she loves.  It's a ball with feet and it squeaks.  You probably remember that she isn't big on playing with toys and won't chase a ball.  Steve and I are very grateful for all the effort that you and Hari put into Cinder.  We are sending you a couple of the "ziggy" balls and another ball too just in case you have another foster dog there.  Take care, Steve and Cathy

Teddy bringing the
 Pretty handy boy.

Here are a few pictures of her (formerly Clara) with her dad on his stand-up board, snuggling during the day. She's a sweet sweet girl, a bit wild and crazy
but what child isn't. 
Thanks again, Vickie

I've attached several pictures of "Bogart" aka "Bogie" (formerly Rogue) from the past couple of weeks.  He's just doing so very well adapting to the family.  He spent the better part of this past weekend enthusiastically chasing bubbles! He's still very much a puppy with tons of energy.  He crashes hard at the end of the day and really sleeps hard for what seems to be the whole night.  He loves to chew and is learning to try and chew only the right things.... when he forgets and chews on some of the kids' toys, well, we are seeing it as an opportunity to help clear out some of the unused toys!  Thanks again for everything you guys do there!  We are just so happy to have Bogart in our family. Juliana & David

I just wanted to share a photo how well Rex (Brody) has adjusted to our family. This is a photo of him sleeping with my son Julian. Every night Rex sleeps with my female shepherd in my room. Every morning as I am getting up and ready for work Rex will magically disappear and slip into bed with my son Julian. I still am not sure who loves it more Rex or Julian. We really love this big hulk that is still growing and filling in those big paws and ears. He is doing very well with his training and is a good student. I am very quick to pick up my female's (Cinder) body language as she is to mine. Rex and I still must work on this and begin to fine tune. I am an Epileptic and do want both of them to learn to assist me before I have a seizure. I am so very glad that you recommended him to our family and more thankful that he is a perfect fit. I recommend Westside Rescue all the time when people ask about Rex as I truly think you all do a wonderful service to the breed. I would love to have the opportunity to pass out cards or flyers of events to assist your efforts in finding these beautiful loving dogs the forever homes that they are so deserving of. Sincerely, Stacy

Warmest and best wishes for a Merry Christmas and thank you all again for my precious pups!  Kathleen, Beowulf and Heidi (Mona)

Just wanted to share these pictures of our Ziggy taken
this weekend on "his" boat, "A Dog's Life".  He took very well to the boat and entertained us with his new found curiosity of all sea life, actually anything that moved in or over the water. Thanks for all you do,

Just a quick note to let you know how much we love our new addition Lyndy (aka Liebe). She has adapted so well you'd think she'd been here forever. Thursday it started snowing and she wasn't too sure what it was or if she liked it. Since then, we've had about a foot since New Year and she's now lovin' it! Logan is such a wonderful dog and very much a part of our family. How wonderful to find another dog with just as sweet a disposition. We are truly fortunate. We took a few pictures of her playing in the snow with Logan in my back yard. Thought you'd get a kick out of how well she has settled in with us and Logan in just a week. She travels so well in the car and is now used to both homes. She is a love. She loves everyone, especially Jim and Patrick (my grand-son) and is so good. She's eating and sleeping really well. Gosh, guess I can't help braggin' about ALL my grand-kids, even Logan & Lyndy. Thank you again for all you did to help us bring her here to the east coast. It's greatly appreciated. She's even more beautiful than her pictures in the profile. Have a wonderful New year. Jan

Just wanted to send you an updated picture of Bella (aka Coco) and Juno (aka Rose). Girls are getting big and doing great. They really love each other and sleep together every night in a beanbag chair at the foot of our bed. Soon we will have to get two because they won’t fit it in much longer. Bella is about 30 lbs now, Juno 35 lbs. Vet says they are doing well…eating lots of puppy food and love to play in the yard, sleep and chew on their new xmas puppy toys. My daughters walk them a lot and they are well trained. They like to dig holes in the back yard, bury stuff and play nascar around the furniture. It’s fine entertainment. LOL. Happy to say all is well in the house and we love them dearly. Sometimes I think they wonder why we hug them so much…they have brought us so much joy. Wishing you a happy new year…thanks for making ours! Kelli

We adopted Tack Von Kern a few months ago and we wanted to tell you how happy we are we found him!!!  Our son named him Oliver (Oli) and he is the biggest goof and sweetest dog.  His nickname is The Trompler because he thinks he is a lap dog and he gets right in our laps for love. We love him with all of our hearts.  Thank you for adopting him to us. Angela

Just wanted to let you know that Cora (Koko) is doing great and is settling into our family perfectly!  She is the sweetest puppy and everyone adores her.  Thank you so much for choosing us to adopt her. 
Her is a pic for yo of Cora and her new big sister Sophie. Take care, Teri

Lobo went to the beach for what Mike and I think was his first time.  He was a little apprehensive of the water at first but it didn't take long for him to run right into the waves.  It was a great way to spend New Year's Day.  As his fears slowly start to subside, we're seeing a kind and gentle soul shine through.  He's a wonderful dog and truly a daddy's boy.  
Happy New Year.  Wishing you all the best in 2011.

Dear Robin: 
Sheila (aka Sheba) continues to sparkle and is a source of unrelenting joy. Attached is a picture taken last month; if you look closely you can see her Service Animal tag. Sheila received her certification as a medical service animal in December. The tags are: (1) her Sheila bling ID tag, (2) a California-shaped tag the county gave me when Sheila was certified, (3) Service Dog tag, and (4) Westside GSR tag (not visible in this photo). 
Best personal regards, 



Hi All,

Here's a picture of me after I whupped Ian at 'ball.'
Gotta hand it to the old guy, he never gives up.
You'd think he wise up after seeing me out run all the other dogs at the park,
but I guess he's none too bright.

I'm finally getting up to my ideal weight. I've put on 2.4 pounds and now weigh 64.4.
My ribs don't stick out and my dress doesn't hang on me anymore.
Those people who put the feed recommendation on the bags haven't got a clue.
The bag says 2¾ cups. Ha! I eat that for breakfast. And dinner.

BTW, Marylou keeps talking about 'Food Stamps.'
I'm not sure if they're for them or me.
As long as it's food, I'm not fussy.

 -- Willow


Page 53
Tails of Joy Page

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