Westside German Shepherd Rescue of Los Angeles is a non profit 501(c)3, no kill rescue committed to saving
all types of German Shepherd Dogs from high kill shelters and adopting them to loving, qualified homes.


All our puppies are in foster homes getting lots of love and socializing to help them transition easily into their new homes. To meet puppies in their foster homes, start with an on-line application.

We have almost 100 dogs in our kennel, we require an application first so we can show you dogs who might be right for your home. We know our dogs and once we get to know you better, we can help you select your next family member!

Dear friends and family,
We are reaching out to you for your help, like never before. Here is the sad saga of our dream come true that turned into a nightmare that now threatens the very existence of the rescue.
We were in a huge warehouse kennel under the 10 freeway some years ago. We dreamed of something better for the dogs. When we were promised a “state of the art facility” by a seeming benefactor with everything we had hoped for and more, we counted the days until moving day. The rebuilding of a West LA property took almost 2 years and 6 million dollars. After lots of fanfare, we happily moved in. Sadly, we realized quickly that we weren’t running the rescue anymore. Five months into our move things fell apart. We were left with an overhead we couldn’t support; we tried cutting any cost we could. The lease had provided for a guarantor who could pay the rent if we couldn’t; however, the landlord opted not to ask the guarantor but to go after the rescue -- a non-profit rescue of second-chance dogs! A judge didn’t rule in our favor; we thought a promise was a promise, but it wasn’t. Just before Christmas in 2012 we were evicted from our dream facility with our 65 dogs, including moms and a litter of puppies. We fought the decision. The rescue was represented pro-bono by Jampol and Zimet. The other side, Barzilli Properties, had a $600-an-hour attorney who was racking up the bills. Since our case was so weakened by the first judge’s decision, we knew we couldn’t take the risk of having to pay even more attorney bills if we lost. As we got closer to trial and risked losing the rescue, Alan Jampol was able to negotiate a settlement down from almost $75,000 to $55,000. Now we need your help!

We are fine with our humble place in downtown LA. We have had record adoptions to amazing people and continue to save large number of incredible dogs who were out of chances. (In the last 12 years we have re-homed over 9,000 dogs.) We love helping the sick and the wounded, and welcome the abandoned dogs whose owners left them behind because they had broken legs or skin infections -- we have always been there for these dogs. We are terrified that, if we can’t raise the money to pay off the settlement, the dogs will suffer. We will have to stop helping the dogs who need us and so many wonderful dogs who will have no one else. If our faithful supporters, who have helped make possible everything we have been able to accomplished so far, could rally to get Westside past this last part of our nightmare, we can continue what we do: saving dogs, getting them care and finding wonderful homes for them. Please donate whatever you can to help make this possible. Please help Westside. Thank you for anything you can do for the dogs! Robin

On-Line Auctions are held monthly.
100% of the proceeds goes to the rescue.

Please go to:

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Look at all the incredible Westside dogs, some already adopted, others waiting for their forever homes. We have 56 dogs at our kennel, all with their suitcases packed, waiting eagerly to go home with you. We have adoption counselors ready to help you to pick the right dog for your situation and family. You, too, can have an amazing new family member!

Join the Westside Alumni Association Facebook page. Share pictures & stories about your rescued pups, ask questions from the group and become part of the Westside Family. Even if you have not adopted from us yet, you can join to see all of our wonderful pups in their forever homes. Join here:
Westside GS Alumni

We work on socializing our Westside dogs. Join us for playdates, fun group training & tailgate parties.
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Parents and Fans of WGSR

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Eran Shine is often found helping out at the rescue, working with dogs and helping adopters find the right match. He is an incredible problem solver, if you have any settling in problems, he is a wonderful asset.

To reach Eran, call 310-801-0655
or email him at
Website: www.manofdogs.com

How to REACH or FIND us:

Our address - closed to the public except for adoption days:
3016 S. Hill St, Los Angeles CA 90007

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